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Imbued in deeply rooted history whilst surrounded by endless sea, Monemvasia gives a warm welcome to those who have made the effort to seek out this hidden gem on the Peloponnesian eastern coast of Laconia. The significance of its name being that of ‘sole entrance’, one passes through the battlements into the ‘confines’ of this enchanting byzantine castle citadel, becoming at one with its colourful historical past. A labyrinth of cobbled stoned pathways will guide you through this destination that will leave you breathless with its time worn beauty.

Τhe 'stone ship' of poet Ritsos

Having followed the one and only road across the sea bridge that unites the mainland to this rocky island we call the ‘Castro’ of Monemvasia, you are led through a heavy iron clad gate way.

The labyrinthine stone streets

That which is known today as the Lower Town’ is divided by a main thoroughfare that winds through the citadel stretching from one end of the town to the other.

The neighborhood of the nobility

From the main square a sinuous route will lead you to the ‘Upper Town’ following a natural stronghold strewn with local flora that imbues the air with aromas of sweet wild flowers..

Monemvasia would say.....M'οni Emvasis

The fairytale castletown of Monemvasia| The Moni Emvasis luxury suites

A short history

Historical texts tell us that Monemvasia came to be as an aftermath of a cataclysmic earthquake dating back to 375 A.D.  The city was first inhabited in 588 A.D. under Byzantine Emperor Mavrikos reign, by inhabitants of Spartan and Laconian origin who were fleeing invaders and Arab slave traders. Its prime geographical location made it an ideal target for several invasions that changed hands over the centuries, those being the Franks, Byzantine, Papal, Venetian and Turkish rulers. The citadel reachedits golden age as a significantcommercial gateway to Europe during the 14th century,skirting annihilation during the Turkish siege of early 17th century, only to resurrect after the war of independence, onceGreek rule and freedom was re-established in 1821..

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Located in the very heart of the Byzantine castle citadel of Monemvasia, one finds an oasis of high class luxury, second to none. Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites welcomes guests throughout the year to experience firsthand, the sumptuous surroundings and stunning sea views from their private balconies. Our service goes hand in hand within this majestic fabled setting.

The surrounding areas

Monemvasia is the ideal starting point from which you may reach many a remarkable spot

μονεμβασια - Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites

At a distance of a mere 30 min.from Monemvasia, the small harbor of Geraka holds a closely kept secret of astonishing beauty. The one &  only fjord of Greece is located here at the southernmost point of Europe.

μονεμβασια - Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites

30 minutes’ drive southwest of Monemvasia, at the picturesque village of ‘Talanta’ with its mountain gorge known as ‘The Balli Gorge’ still serves its traditional purpose of giving life to as a fully functioning flourmill.

μονεμβασια - Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites

Monemvasia offers a varied choice of beaches to visitors, both within the ancient castle citadel, on the very edge of its bastion walls or within short distances depending on one’s personal tastes of pebble or sand.

  • Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites
    One finds an oasis of high class luxury, second to none

    Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites welcomes guests throughout the year to experience firsthand, the sumptuous surroundings and stunning sea views from their private balconies.

  • Moni Emvasis Suites
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